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Mr. Koenig maintains a professional standard of care and responsibility in the handling of all legal matters he pursues. Many cases draw on several areas of expertise in which a strong knowledge and background in various legal fields maximizes a case's chance of success. A more favorable result is achieved when a single case is approached with expertise and proficiency in multiple areas of practice.


Auto accident

Car accidents are common in Florida, and often lead to injury. Because of the frequency of car accidents, Florida has established regulations governing car insurance. If you have been injured in a car accident due to the negligent conduct of another, there is some amount of money available to help compensate you for losses the accident caused you. Even where you are injured in a hit-and-run or by an uninsured driver, your own car insurance may provide some coverage for your injuries. However, many people carry low-limit insurance policies, so if you have been injured by an underinsured motorist, you may need the help of an experienced Attorney to help you obtain full compensation for your losses.

Personal injury

An injury you sustain due to the fault or negligence of another person or business may be covered by the person or business responsible for your harm. In today’s environment of complicated insurance coverage, policy issues and medical payment options, you often need legal and experienced help in pursuing your best alternative to achieve full compensation for your losses. A review of your situation is done at no cost to you, and there is never a fee in such a case until a recovery or settlement is made.

criminal defense

Whenever you are working your way through the criminal justice system, it is important to enlist an attorney to protect your constitutional rights and civil liberties. At the Law Office of David F. Koenig our goal is not only to help you understand the consequences you could be facing, but to help you minimize them or avoid them completely. David F. Koenig does this through aggressive defense representation throughout all phases of your case, from the initial contact with the court system to case resolution by trial or resolution of the charges.

Premise liability

Property owners are often the targets of claims resulting from supposedly faulty conditions on their premises. In general, property holders or their insurers may be responsible to pay compensation when conditions on their property cause injury, loss of life or property damage. Even without particular fault due to the business, there are certain situations where some recovery can be made for medical bills that accumulate due to your injury. A free consultation can review this for you.


A DUI/ DWI offense is a very serious charge that can result in the loss of your freedom, loss of driving privileges, and lasting harm to your career and job prospects, among other things. David F. Koenig focuses on helping clients vigorously defend against such accusations or charges and make every effort to reach the best outcome for the client under the individual circumstances of his/her case. If you become Mr. Koenig's client, he will be your strongest advocate and do everything reasonably possible to secure a positive result.

workplace injuries

At The Law Office of David F. Koenig, more than 20 years of experience is utilized to create positive resolutions to legal problems of accident injury and workers' compensation injury for clients in Central Florida. Injuries at work are covered by the Workers’ Compensation law in Florida, and require a knowledge apart from that used in automobile cases or personal injury cases. In some cases, an injured client will have both a personal injury case and a workers’ compensation case stemming from the same accident. Being experienced in both areas of law, The Law Office of David F. Koenig can offer the best evaluation and handling to pursue both cases to the best result, and can insure that each case is maximized for the most beneficial recovery for the client.